The Narre North Foxes Football Club promotes participation, development and enjoyment of the game of Australian Rules Football.  With these considerations in mind, the club has developed this policy in relation to team selection to ensure the best opportunity for development for our players to play the highest level of football that a) they are capable of playing; and b) they want to play and enjoy.

Team selection is typically a contentious subject for all involved as it is usually difficult to keep everyone happy with the outcomes.  By way of development and publishing of this policy the Narre North Foxes Football Club hopes to make the process transparent for our members and ensure fairness in consideration for all players. 

Club Objectives

  • For all players to be given the opportunity to reach their potential regardless of which division they play in.
  • For individual playing skill levels to be identified and as far as practical have the learning experience matched for that player.
  • That from under 13 upward players be given the opportunity to be selected to play in the highest level of competition in the league.
  • For placement of players to be in their correct age group.


  1. One team in an age group - that team is entered as is.
  2. Two teams in an age group the following occurs.

Selection Panel

  • The Selection Panel will select players for teams.
  • The Selection panel will comprise of 5 people.
  • Respective coaches, Football Operations Manager, Coaching Coordinator and Executive members are to make up the balance.
  • Selection criteria will be formulated by the Selection Panel and be reflective of age appropriate skills, confidence, fitness and the creation of similar skilled players into teams.

 Under 8 – Under 12

  1. Existing teams progress intact from previous age group. This ensures a mix of player skills and confidence. New players are added in order of registration.
  2. If an imbalance is identified, the Football Operations Manager can go to league and recommend a change of division for the team or alternatively, an adjustment of players between teams.
  • Placement of new players is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  • Children from the same school will ideally be evenly spread between teams
  • Requests to play in a certain teams may be made in writing to and every effort will be made but there is no guarantee this will occur.

Under 13 – Under 18

  1. Players train as a squad preseason.
  2. The Selection Panel will select 2 teams based on set criteria.
  • The Committee will apply to the League for suitable divisions.
  • The Club does have the best interest of the kids and future development in mind when grading teams.
  • A player selected for division 1 competition who prefers to remain in division 2 is entitled to give voice to his/her preference. At the request of the player/parent, consultation will be facilitated whereby the Selection Panel has an obligation to give full consideration to the player’s request.
  • A player selected for division 2 competition who prefers to remain in division 1 will have the same rights to consultation as detailed above.
  • Maximum effort will be given to accommodate the wishes of the player as long as team numbers remain even.

All Players

  • All players will be encouraged but not forced to play in their correct age level.
  • A player can only play up if they do not take a spot from someone in that age group.
  • All requests to play up an age group must be made in writing and sent to
  • If a player’s suitability to “play up” from their correct age level is questioned for reasons of safety or similar concerns, the Registrar in conjunction with the Selection Panel will consider all the available information and make an informed decision on the placement of that Player. This decision will be final.
  • If a player elects to register and “play up” from their normal age level they must accept that if at some time in the future, they wish to play in there “correct age level”, they can only do so if a vacancy exists in that team.
  • Where possible for development purposes the Football Operations Manager may request a player to play some games in an older age group
  • Where a player is filling in for older age group their priority is given to fulfil their commitment to their team.

Registration & Placement of Players

  • All registrations are subject to team / age group vacancies.
  • New players are slotted into teams on a first come, first serve basis throughout the year.
  • Where there are 2 Teams players will be allocated to make sure team numbers are even.
  • The club Registrar is the only person authorized to accept or reject a Player’s Application to Register unless special circumstances exist, in which case the application may be referred to Executive Committee.
  • Under 8’s to Under 12’s Team placement of new player’s is at the discretion of the Executive Committee who, under some circumstances, may consult with the Selection Panel.
  • Under 13’s to Under 18’s Team placement of new and existing players is subject to the selection process detailed above.