•  Mouthguards are to be worn during both games and training sessions.


  • South East Juniors follow the AFL guidelines around the blood rule.
  • Any player with active bleeding must not remain on the Playing Surface.
  • Any player with blood on any part of uniform will need to have that piece of uniform changed or have the blood removed from the uniform.


  • During and training session if drills are to take place within 20m of the goal posts then pads must be affixed to the posts.


  •  Some children undertake multiple structured sport sessions during the week such as
    • School sports (specialist sports schools, school based teams)
    • Interleague training
    • Other sports (Basketball, Tennis, etc.)
  • Coaches, in consultation with the player and guardians, need to be mindful of the overall workload on children who have a high structured sports workload on a weekly basis and can modify training programs to suit.
  • Players are still expected to attend training even if on a light program or a rest night.


  • Any player with a suspected concussion should be immediately removed from play or training and assessed medically.
  • A player with concussion can only return to training / gameday after medical clearance.
  • For further details around concussion identification and rehabilitation consult ‘The Management of Concussion in Australian Football” (copy in the clubrooms behind the bar at back of By Laws booklet).