These codes of conduct apply to all members both on and off the playing field.

Members are personally responsible and liable for anything they say and represent on-line on user generated media.

The club trusts and respects our members to exercise responsibility whenever they participate in social media.

The use of social media sites and electronic media are all forms of public domain communication including but not limited to:

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Tik Tok, and
  • Email

We all have an important responsibility to not say or communicate anything untoward with respect to Affiliated members of the Narre North Foxes Football club. This includes but not limited to:

  • umpires
  • competing clubs
  • committee members or
  • anyone associated in the conduct of:
    • playing,
    • members

This includes:

  • racist or vilifying comments,
  • bad language,
  • insulting comments,
  • religious connotations,
  • personal attacks or slander, personal comments relating to family or associated friends within the Football community.

Examples of breaches of code of conduct by social media include:

  • Offensive comments made about an association umpire by a junior player on their personal facebook page.
  • Racist comments made about an opposition team on a club website.
  • Offensive videos posted on youtube by a club secretary about a volunteer of their Football club.
  • A survey conducted on a facebook or website generating offensive public opinions about a group of opposition clubs.
  • A discriminating personal attack made by a fellow team member on a personal Facebook page.

 The club will respect the rights and dignity of all individuals by providing the following:

  • fair, open, honest, dignified and non-discriminatory treatment;
  • the opportunity to respond to accusation of breaches

The personal dignity, privacy and rights of all members will be respected and any discrimination, harassment or offence to others will be dealt with in accordance with the relevant policies, procedures and legislation.

The club expects that all members conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner and treat other members fairly and with respect

By registering our child with the Narre North Foxes Football Club we agree to abide by the above principles. We support the Narre North Foxes FC Committee in its undertakings and encourage them to take any disciplinary action they deem appropriate if a breach of the Code of Behaviour/Conduct occurs.